Hanako Yamadagi
Hanako Yamadagi

RomajiYamadagi Hanako
General Information
BirthdayJuly 7th
Star SignCancer
Idol Information
Image Color     Yellow-Green
Voice ActorSeria Fukagawa
Hanako Yamadagi (山田木 はなこ Yamadaki Hanako?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo.

Character Description Edit

Hanako works for Pine Records. Despite having just about everything she needs to be an idol, she is hopelessly tone deaf when it comes to music. She loves and has a lot of respect for the work of idols. She was also both born and raised overseas although her parents are both Japanese. Both are also global musicians and fly all over the world for touring. It was while looking through her mother’s music collection that she first heard idol music, and since then nothing has shined brighter to her than idols.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hanako is a bad singer, as she is tone deaf.
  • Her favorite color is Green.
  • In Episode 2, Hanako joins a website called 'Idol Bulletin', to get to know idols a bit more.
  • She owns a handmade plush, “DoruDoru the Idol Monster” who she takes with her everywhere.

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