Sasame Mitsukuri


Mitsukuri old


RomajiMitsukuri Sasame
General Information
BirthdayMarch 4th
Star SignPisces
Idol Information
Image Color     Purple
Voice ActorKarin Takahashi
Sasame Mitsukuri (箕作沙々芽 Mitsukuri Sasame?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo. She is a member of the idol group of the same name.

Character Description Edit

As an extremely curious person, no matter what happens around Sasame, she seems to enjoy it! She also wears glasses (although they don’t actually have lenses in them). It seems like all sorts of fun things will happen around Hanako, so Sasame tends to stick around her. She also understands Hanako well.

Personality Edit

Sasame is always a very curious and mischievous girl with a sense of humor in her, but she is a supportive and good friend to everyone who has a pet crayfish.

Relationships Edit

Hanako Yamadagi Edit

Miku Nishio Edit

Kotoko Kintoki Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sasame wears glasses, but they do not have lenses in them.
  • Sasame has a pet crayfish named “Var-chan” also known as “V-chan”

Gallery Edit

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